About BRicK Partners, LLC

graphic elementWhat is BRicK?

Founded in 2012, BRicK is an independent, woman-owned consulting and collaborative management firm specializing in housing and community development. BRicK focuses on devising and implementing solutions to some of the vexing challenges facing this industry, with a particular commitment to replicable, scalable and sustainable regional strategies. 

graphic elementWhat do you mean by “vexing challenges”?

Housing policy decisions often face controversy, but there’s nothing more fundamental to families than the location, stability, quality, and affordability of their home. Nonetheless, working families — especially people of color — typically need to choose between (a) an affordable home that is far from good jobs, schools and transit, or (b) a home that consumes too much of their income in a neighborhood with a quality education system that positions their children to thrive.  Furthermore, our nation’s job centers are typically unaffordable to 70% of the local workforce, exacerbating traffic problems and contributing to workforce instability.

graphic elementI know what a consulting firm is, but what is a “collaborative management” firm?

Collaborative management is BRicK’s approach to traditional project management, cognizant of the important role that many stakeholders play in realizing the common vision necessary to overcome the vexing challenges described above. As a firm of “do-ers,” most satisfied by achieving results that reflect an inclusive planning process, BRicK embraces cross-sector and inter-jurisdictional initiatives, beginning with consulting and research, and continuing on to the launch!

graphic elementHow does BRicK work with clients?

BRicK’s local and national assignments revolve around three themes: (1) aligning interagency and inter-jurisdictional work plans and finance tools to increase development and investment in priority areas, (2) engaging anchor institutions and other employers in housing initiatives, and (3) shaping and implementing local, regional and national housing policies. BRicK advances housing, community and economic development solutions by helping clients and innovators expand capacity, foster collaboration, and align the commitments necessary to pursue shared priorities and implement change.

graphic elementWhat does our name, “BRicK,” mean?

That is indeed a frequently asked question! One answer is that Beth, Robin and Karen started the firm together. Because these initials basically spelled “brick,” this seemed like an appropriate name for a new business focused on housing and community development.

graphic elementIs BRicK a nonprofit?

No.  BRicK is a mission-driven Limited Liability Corporation.