About BRicK Partners, LLC

About BRicK Partners, LLC

We are an independent, woman-owned consulting and collaborative management firm specializing in housing and community development. When it comes to housing and healthy neighborhoods, the following strategic building blocks are as fundamental to development as bricks to construction. Founded in September 2012, BRicK Partners is actively committed to:


Strengthening Organizational Foundations

For a neighborhood or region to thrive, a strong foundation of coordinated resources—organizational, financial and social—is essential to sustain a shared vision. BRicK Partners works with innovators to implement best practices via needed programs and housing options, policies and networks, and data-driven evaluation tools


Cementing Commitment & Leadership

Where today’s economic realities call for new building blocks, BRicK Partners paves the way by helping local, regional and national leaders expand capacity, foster collaboration, and align the commitments necessary to pursue common priorities and craft durable models for change.


Solidifying Civic & social infrastructure

As collaborative team builders, project managers, and consultants, BRicK Partners translates the hopes and concerns of policymakers, funders, developers, community-based organizations, advocates and residents into strategies for creating valued housing and viable communities.